How does NEST work?

Whilst you join NEST through your employment with Compass Group, NEST operates a fund on your behalf which will stay with you for the rest of your working life. Membership is based on your National Insurance Number and so even if you leave Compass you can carry on contributing into the same account.

NEST is an online pension scheme, which means you can access your online account whenever you want, wherever you are.

Being an online pension scheme helps NEST keep costs low for members, as they produce fewer letters, brochures and paper statements.

It's easy to get the information you want just by logging in.  Your online account allows you to see exactly what's going into your retirement pot, manage your contributions and choose how and when to take your money out and as mentioned above this will show all contributions to NEST during your working life, not just those during your employment with Compass.

You can access the NEST logging in screen by clicking the following link: