The NEST Scheme

1 - Who will the new pension scheme be run by?

Compass has decided to utilise NEST (the National Employment Savings Trust) as our auto enrolment scheme. This is a newly formed scheme, initiated by the Government. For entitled workers the Compass Stakeholder scheme, arranged through Friends Life, will be used.

2 - Why was NEST selected?

Compass felt this offered portability for employees as once they have become a NEST member, this remains for life. Even if they move employer they can continue contributing to their NEST pension scheme. We believe it offers the right type of investments with the language and approach to pensions being clear and straight forward.

3 - Where will contributions be invested?

The scheme will have a default fund as agreed with the NEST and unless the employee selects a different investment choice monies will be invested there. Investment choices can be changed as required by the employee via NEST.

4 - Will Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) be possible?

Yes.  These will be a personal arrangement direct with NEST and not administered or deducted via Compass’s payroll.

5 - What benefits will I be entitled to upon leaving Compass?

As a member of NEST, your contributions and those of the Company will be held on your behalf until you retire.  You can add to this fund as and when you wish and any new employer can also pay into your account if they so wished.

6 - How will I find out about my entitlement?

You will be able to go online for an update on your benefits.

7 - Can I contribute further to my pension once I leave?

With NEST you can continue to contribute if you wish to do so but you will need to arrange with NEST as to how your contributions will be collected.

8 - Can I transfer my benefit elsewhere?

Yes in some circumstances. Further inforamtion can be found on NEST's website.