Self Selected Funds

Whilst your initial investments are forwarded to a default fund, you are encouraged to consider whether that fund is appropriate for you, and to look at the alternatives that are available that you can self select.

CRISP has been designed to provide you with a selection of investment options to help you manage investment risks.  If you have many years to go before you retire, you may be willing to take a higher level of risk, in pursuit of investment gains, than someone who is close to retirement.  You can change the way your fund is invested, giving you the flexibility to make changes when you feel the time is right.

One way to help reduce the impact of any volatility is to invest your savings across many geographical markets, either through a global fund, or in a number of funds investing in different markets, or managed by different fund managers. The range of funds available has been selected by the Trustees having taken advice from Mercer.  Many of the funds available are a combination of funds that have been brought together by Mercer, and the investment performance of those funds is monitored by Mercer and Mercer has the ability to change the underlying managers if it considers that a particular manager is not performing in line with expectations.  

There's lots of information about the funds available to you and the relevant charges in the CRISP Investment guide which can be found online at

For some, choosing how to invest their pension savings can be daunting, whilst for others its a familiar decision.  Whatever your knowledge, expertise or desire to learn, there is an approach for you.  The Trustees cannot give individual financial advice on which funds are appropriate for you, as it will depend on your personal circumstances, your long-term objectives and your attitude to risk. Therefore, if you are unsure as to which type of investment is the most suitable for you, we recommend that you seek independent financial advice before making a decision.

When you are considering investment option you may find it helpful to think about how you like to make investment decisions.  Mercer believe that your answer is likely to fall into one of three main categories:

  1. Leave me to it. You like to think about your pension investment throughout the year, and are confident that you have the time and knowledge to select your own investments.  You will probably be happy selecting your own fund or funds from the whole range on offer.
  2. Help me do it.  You like to think about your pension investments every two or three years.  You are likely to be happy leaving the decisions to experts in the short term but want to control any major changes.  You may want to consider one of the FP Mercer Mixed Investment Pension funds that meets your risk/return requirements or you may feel comfortable choosing from the FP CRISP funds which cover the major asset classes.
  3. Do it for me. You like to make one decision that will have a long shelf life as you don't feel that you have the time or the knowledge to keep up to date with investment issues.  You may wish to use the default option, where the investments are managed by experts on your behalf throughout your working life.