Joining CRISP

How do I join?

You will be told if you are eligible to join CRISP.  Normally you will be eligible if you are a permanent and fixed-term contract employee, aged 16 or over who has worked for your employer for more than two years.  You cannot belong to more than one Compass pension scheme at the same time, so if you are a member of NEST and paying contributions through the Compass Payroll, then your contributions to NEST (and those of the Company) will automatically cease at the time you join CRISP.

What if I do not join?

You do not have to join as soon as you become eligible, but if you do not join within three months of first becoming eligible you may be unable to join at a later date.  You may be asked to provide medical evidence of good health before you join.  If you do not do so when asked, or you are not in good health, life assurance benefits under CRISP may be restricted.

How do I join?

You will be sent an application form when you are eligible which you will need to complete and return by email to

If you think that you are eligible to join CRISP and have not received an application form, please email