Smarter Pensions

By default, you will pay your contributions through 'Smarter Pensions' (also known as 'salary sacrifice').  This is the method whereby your salary is reduced by the equivalent amount that you would contribute to CRISP, and your employer pays it into CRISP on your behalf.  As you are no longer receiving this element of your pay that is 'sacrificed' or 'given up' you do not pay National Insurance contributions on it and therefore your net pay increases.

You can elect to opt-out of 'Smarter Pensions', by ticking the appropriate box on the CRISP application form, and pay your contributions through the traditional 'deduction from pay' method. This way you receive your full salary and your employer then deducts a contribution from it which is paid into CRISP.

'Smarter Pensions' is not suitable for everyone because, for some people, it could reduce their entitlement to certain State benefits, and the amount that they can borrow.  If your pay in any period falls below the National Minimum Wage or the Primary Earnings Threshold, your contributions for that period will automatically be paid through a normal salary deduction.

Please contact the Compass Group Pensions Department if you have any questions regarding how 'Smarter Pensions' works: or 0121 457 5235 or 0121 457 5237

You can elect to opt-out of 'Smarter Pensions' at any time while remaining a member of CRISP.