Stopping saving

You will automatically stop saving into CRISP if you leave the employment of Compass.

If you are still a Compass employee, you can stop saving into your account by giving one month's notice in writing to

If you wish to rejoin CRISP at a later date, your membership will be at the discretion of the Trustees and your employer and may be subject to provision of satisfactory medical evidence and will be on such terms as your employer and the Trustees determine.

If you are no longer an active member, or a life assurance member, the benefits payable on your death before retirement will be less than those payable on the death of an active member as only the value of your CRISP account is payable.

Once you have left CRISP, your options in respect of your savings are:

  • Leave your savings invested in your CRISP account until you want to take your benefits.  Your options at retirement will then usually be the same as described in the section 'Benefits at retirement'.  However, early retirement for a deferred member requires the consent of the Trustees.  If you have left your employer, you won't be able to pay any more money in but you will be able to manage your CRISP account in the same way.  Charges will still be taken from your CRISP account, and this could reduce the amount available at retirement.


  • Transfer the full value  of your CRISP account to another pension provider.

Please contact Aviva for futher information in relation to anything referred to above.