Death in service

If you die in Pensionable Service before Normal Retirement Date the following benefits will normally be payable to your dependants:

A life assurance benefit

A lump sum will be paid equal to 3 x your annual rate of basic pay at the date of your death.

Please note that the Trustees have discretion to determine who will receive this payment.  You may indicate who you would like to receive the benefit by completing an "Expression of Wish" form.  In paying the lump sum, the Trustees are not bound to comply with your wishes but will certainly take them into account.

A Spouse's or Dependant's pension

The amount of pension payable will normally be 50% of the pension you would have received if you had continued in service up to your Normal Retirement Date, but based on your Pensionable Pay at the date of your death.

In some circumstances a Dependant Children's pension may also be paid.


  1. The Spouse's/Dependant's pension is payable for the remainder of their lifetime even if he/she marries.
  2. If your Spouse/Dependant is more than 10 years younger than you, the amount of pension payable may be reduced.