AVCs or Additional Voluntary Contributions

As a member of the Compass pension arrangements you are able to take advantage of the voluntary contribution facilities that have been made available to you by the Trustees.

As a member of the GAD sections of the Compass Group Pension Plan, Compass already provides generous pension benefits for you and your family.  However, there is still scope for you to build-up additional funds by way of Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) to provide increased retirement benefits.

AVCs operate differently to the benefits provided for by your membership of the GAD approved pension arrangements, into which you pay contributions to secure benefits based on a set formula that takes into account your pensionable service and pensionable pay.  AVC benefits, however, are a 'money purchase' type of benefit, that is to say, the pension which is provided is based on the amount of AVCs you pay, the investment returns earned on those contributions and the market conditions at the time of your retirement.

Please contact us at the Compass Group Pensions Department if you would like some further information on AVCs.